1. Oh, Father,
turn me limp,
that I won't wander around.
Turn me blind,
that I won't gaze around.
Turn me deaf,
that I won't hear other things.
Make me not longing for things,
except the feet of Your serving saints,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva.

2. Worship with care:
otherwise like a hacksaw,
on way it cuts
and cuts on the way back!
If cafeless with a serpent terrible,
won't it ensnare,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva?

3. Look brother,
with days pasing on,
devotion was dwindling.
In prayer, touching
forehead on the first day,
palm the next day,
oh brother, dozing set in 
on the third day!
But when one holds on,
He reaches to the end.
Otherwise, He lets one down
in mid-water,
Our God Kudalasangama Deva.

4. Prayer far streched
is a devotion wasted.
Prayer for public
is a devotion by vanity.
Grandeur and publicity are in vain.
Our God Kudalasangama Deva
stays with him, who knows His presence.

5. Your devotee
ever bows to your dear ones.
Soft word is prayer,
soft word is penance.
In politeness lies Shiva's grace.
God Kudalasangama Deva
dislikes things otherwise.

6. If they are angry
Why should I be too?
What do I gain? What do they lose?
The fury of body, is poison to maturity.
The fury of mind, is poison to wisdom.
A bad fire inside, burns down the home,
not a neighbouring house,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva!

7. Look they have
poor homes, rich minds,
brave bodies, touches of joys.
They don't posses,
but things arrive whenever they need.
The serving-sages 
of God Kudalasangama Deva
are free brave persons.

8. If I discriminate
that a well dressed distinguished
pontif is special
and a serving-sage in rags,
is despicable,
five-grave-sins will fall on me.
For discriminating 
on the basis of food
clothing money and work,
God Kudalasangama Deva shall
throw me into hell.

9. I won't ask for myself
a streak of gold,
a thread of cloth,
or a grain of food,
needed for today or day after.
I swear by you, by your angels,
I need nothing
except your serving-saints,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva.

10. Why bother about 
worries of others?
We have enough of our own!
We have the blanket of worries
spread and covering us;
whether God Kudalasangama Deva
will or will not grace us.

11. There is a single God,
names may be numerous.
There is a single husband
for a wife devoted.
If astrayed 
nose and ears will be chopped.
What would you call those 
astraying for spit-food
of countless pseudo-gods,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva?

12. Oh, brother,
you went astride an elephant, 
astride a horse,
dabbed with musk and vermillions!
But you went 
unaware of the stance of Truth!
Ignoring to plant and nourish
the seeds of character.
Astride the insolent ego-elephant,
you fell prey to ill fate!
Ignoring our God Kudalasangama Deva,
you fell prety to the hell!

13. A father corrects his kids,
angry at their faults,
but not with their souls!
Among men of holy Linga symbol,
the teacher corrects his people,
angry at their faults, 
but not at their holy symbol.
Those getting jealous, 
when the devotee of Linga
shows the path of Linga,
God Kudalasangama Deva
will not like them.

14. Oh God, oh God
listen my request:
I say,
Shiva devotees are all equals;
Brahmins at the top
to untouchables at the bottom,
and all your people in the world are equals.
My heart believes it  firm!
If You doubt these words to a point of grain of til-lentil,
cut my nose and teeth,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva

15. Father, brother, kith and kin;
I won't consider them my people,
so long as they lack in
Shiva Linga learning.
Wrong devotion to clan and family,
it all leads to hell,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva!

16. A stone is tied to the leg,
a cork is tied to the neck;
One holds from floating, 
the other from drowning.
Cross me over
this ocean of life,
oh, Lord of death,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva.

17. I call it philosopher's stone,
the words of the ancients.
How shall I gain that elixir?
I can be eloquent about
body, mind and money,
but can't resist their touch.
Like the unrestrained beats
of drums of the savage,
I am loud mouthed, oh Lord,
oh, God Kudalasangama Deva.